311 Gallery celebrates photography

 David Spector,  No More Rides to School

David Spector, No More Rides to School

artGuide Magazine is excited to present a wonderful insight into photography by the photographers of Raleigh art gallery, 311 Gallery.


311 Gallery
Celebrating the Art of Photography
Oct 6 - Oct 29, 2016


Is photography art?   

 David Spector

David Spector

This question has been around since the camera was invented and there is still much debate.  Since I am a photographer with a limited word count, I will concentrate on the yea side.  Start with the adage that the best camera is the one you have with you; if you don’t have a camera, you miss the moment.  A second adage to remember is that a great photographer can make a great image whatever the camera and a bad photographer will still make a bad photo with a top of the line camera.  

Why are these true? How do they impact my argument that photography is art?   

It’s all about learning to see and understanding good composition; the crux of all fine art.  Great art shares the vision of the artist, elevates the imagination, and pushes the viewer to view the world differently. Great photographers, like great artists, apply the tools available to them to create an image that stirs our soul.  I hope you will agree, photography is ART. 

 Susan Jones,  Stair Fountain Alhambra

Susan Jones, Stair Fountain Alhambra

Telling a story through images is important to me. I find drawing too time consuming; collecting source material (photography) is fun, drawing is not. With hand coloring, I skip the drawing and jump right into the application of color!   Black and white photographs are my foundation, enhanced with layers of transparent colored pencils. Time saved is time well spent doing research and planning the next source collecting experience!

 Susan Jones,  Flamenco, Seville

Susan Jones, Flamenco, Seville

My friend David Spector quit his job in February to become a full time photographer. His explanation is simple: “Photography is a deep passion for me. I am always happier when I have a camera in my hand.”   David loves to shoot a wide range of subjects including landscapes and people but his favorite subject is abandoned buildings.  He plans to take his dream trip to Chernobyl in the next year to photograph the city that has been abandoned for 30 years.

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