Animal Art & Wildlife Art Genre Feature

artGuide will have a dedicated Feature highlighting Animal Art and Wildlife Art in January.

The Feature will be prominently displayed on artGuide's homepage.  A home page banner will lead readers to a beautifully curated section which includes large images of artwork along with artists' biographies.  

artGuide is a growing national gallery guide with daily posts from leading museums and art galleries.  artGuide is linked and shared on hundreds of art websites, including top galleries and leading museums - all driving top patron traffic.  Additionally artGuide's very active social media posts leads thousands of patrons to artguidemag.com on a monthly basis. 


Example of online feature: http://artguidemag.com/art-news-blog/figurative-art-portrait-art-feature

Example of online personalized webpage: http://artguidemag.com/art-news-blog/2017/3/15/nicole-kennedy-raleigh-artist


Level 1

1. Online Feature will be on high-traffic homepage for 30 days.

2. Placement of 120-word bio1 large image, and contact information in Online Feature.

3. Social media posts linking to the Feature throughout the month.

4. Categorization and tagging to ensure visitors find Feature page.

5. Feature included in e-newsletter - sent to 13,000 recipients.


Sample of Feature Click Here

Level 2 - everything in Level 1, plus...

1. Personalized post and webpage with up to 4 images of artwork.

2. Full biography (300 words) posted online with link to your website.

3. Your image in Feature will link to your personalized page.

3. Social media post with links back to your personal blog post/webpage.

4. Categorization and tagging to ensure visitors find your page/post.


Sample of Personalized Page Click Here