Georgia artist Marsha Chandler sat down with artGuide Magazine to discuss her influences and processes in creating beautiful Realism Art


  Marsha Chandler,  Blueberries and Lemons , 2016, watercolor on paper, 22 x 15

 Marsha Chandler, Blueberries and Lemons, 2016, watercolor on paper,
22 x 15

Marsha Chandler is an internationally recognized artist known for her contemporary realism.  In her Atlanta studio she creates vibrant still lifes expressing her love of details and reflective light.  Her realistic and compelling compositions depict simple objects from everyday life in extraordinary ways.  With numerous layers and multiple colors, the vivid saturated hues that she creates have become her signature style.                    

With her art, Marsha endeavors to evoke happy memories of magical moments in times past and create an ode to the beauty in everyday objects.  Her desire is to arouse a feeling of intimacy in the viewer and draw him or her into the complexities of the painting to see and experience a new perspective or thought about the subject.  Marsha’s medium of choice is watercolor because of the way it allows her to capture the distinctive qualities of light making it the perfect medium for creating the dazzling still lifes for which she is known.  

Her paintings have been accepted into numerous Regional, National, and International juried exhibits and garnered a number of awards.  Her art has been showcased in Museums across the United States.  In addition, her work has been published in many national and international magazines.  Her works hang in collections throughout the United States.

Marsha Chandler, nws, awa, sws
Atlanta, GA


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