The Mahler Fine Art, a Raleigh art gallery in North Carolina is featuring sculptor Matt McConnell

 Matt McConnell,  Hague III , 2015, powder coated steel, 84” x 24” x 24” with base

Matt McConnell, Hague III, 2015, powder coated steel, 84” x 24” x 24” with base

artGuide Magazine is excited to showcase an art exhibit at The Mahler Fine Art, Raleigh art gallery in North Carolina, which is featuring a wonderful art exhibit for the month of April.  

Matt McConnell is a sculptor and designer, born and raised in Charlotte, NC.  He moved to Raleigh in 1990 to attend the NC State College of Design, graduating with degrees in Architecture and Industrial Design.  

Fascinated with geometry and natural forms since childhood, the expression of these elements remains a consistent focus of his work.  He works to capture and express the energy of time, motion, growth, and invisible forces such as wind and gravity.  Exploration of this vision often includes transformation and repetition where the rhythm and flow intertwine to create three dimensional elements, often inspired by helix, wave, plant, and animal forms.

This passion for form and layering, combined with a drive for exploring new materials and fabrication systems, has produced a diverse portfolio of projects created for both public and private spaces in a wide variety of materials, including metals, glass, fabric, plastics, wood, and concrete.

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