Michael McChesney Realism

 Michael McChesney,  Studio Reflections on a Salt and Pepper Set , 2016, oil on canvas, 24” x 36”

Michael McChesney, Studio Reflections on a Salt and Pepper Set, 2016, oil on canvas, 24” x 36”

Tennessee artist Michael McChesney discusses his amazing realist art with artGuide Magazine.  


Mike McChesney received a BA from Macalester College in St Paul MN with majors in Art and Physical Education.  He taught Art in California and Minnesota and then opened a custom jewelry shop turning client’s ideas and designs into reality using whatever process was appropriate, whether that be lost wax, fabrication, hand-wrought or other.  He is now devoting all his time to his artwork.
His work is an exploration of what he calls “Sensual Feminine” the world is full of powerful, sensual images and he tries to make the viewer sense the rich, full sensual images in his paintings and sculptures. The images are far more than the realistic portrayal of a flower, figure, or object.

As to his painting work, he observes the world around him, selectively choosing objects that provide him with a powerful statement.  McChesney’s work delves into the world of photorealism, super-photorealism, and hyper-photorealism, blending oils like watercolor; overpainting, layering, and using glazes to create an image.  

McChensey’s sculptural works focuses on the exploration of the sensual three dimensional worlds.  Choosing bronze to accentuate the intimacy of the viewers experience, McChesney encourages his viewers to touch his works and use the organic, flowing, sensual shapes to engage the viewer. 

Michael McChesney, artist.
Maryville, TN


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