311 Gallery, a Raleigh art gallery presents Water Treatment, artwork by Bob Rankin

 Bob Rankin, S ound Shapes

Bob Rankin, Sound Shapes

Water Treatment is a fantastic Raleigh art exhibit opening at 311 Gallery, a must-see Raleigh art gallery with monthly art openings.  Delving into water and how it has affected art, Bob Rankin produces amazing abstract pieces.  artGuide Magazine is pleased to bring this exhibit to our readers.


Leonardo da Vinci described water as ‘the vehicle of nature’; water is to the world as blood is to the body.  Some facts you’ll know and some, maybe not!

 Bob Rankin,  A Sound Scape

Bob Rankin, A Sound Scape

1. Water is a universal solvent.
2. 8 forms of water: liquid, ice, gas, steam, snow, fog, dew, and clouds.
3. 0 calories, 0 nutrients = vital to all forms of life.
4. Water has been part of the universe its entire existence.
5. Water is a byproduct of star formation.
6. Water, in some form, has been detected on all our planets and the sun.
7. The gram is defined by water.
8. Kelvin temperature scale is defined by water.
9. Water is used in most religions as a purifier.
10. Water covers 71% of the earth’s surface; only 2.5% is fresh water.

Water has been a worldwide theme in the arts since ancient times. The belief that all life comes from water is shared across time and cultures; symbolizing birth and rebirth through the female divinities, violence and death with the male divinities.  Much of art history through the Renaissance is filled with sea monsters and goddesses giving visual testament to the belief in the sacredness of water.

Art in the 21st Century has moved from the sacred to political awareness. Water is a mirror, reflecting our world and giving a sense of the future; symbolic of salvation and destruction, reminding us that water is relevant and critical to survival everywhere on earth. Water is the giver of life and it needs to be protected.

Bob Rankin is sharing his love of water with us in his current exhibition, Water Treatment.  From the geometry of waves to shapes of the sound, we’ll be reminded of the life force of water; its ability to sooth, its beauty, and its power.