artGuide Magazine's North Carolina Gallery Guide's Spotlight on Expo 216 in Wilmington, North Carolina

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Martin,  Opiod Addiction Project

Martin, Opiod Addiction Project

artGuide Magazine is excited to feature one of Wilmington, North Carolina's top art spaces, Expo 216. artGuide Magazine is a North Carolina art guide and gallery guide that covers the art news and art events in North Carolina. artGuide Magazine's online art blog is a great way for art lovers in North Carolina to keep up to date with art news, art galleries, and art events throughout the state. 

A “Gallerium,” Expo 216 is part gallery and part museum. Incorporating 5,000 square feet of renovated space in historic downtown, Expo 216 features thought-provoking art and fashions. It’s one-year expositions are theme-driven with the current theme, Death & Dying, running through December 2018.

The Gallerium is currently presenting works by Joan McLoughlin (Spectrum of Spirits), Catherine Martin (Opioid Addiction Project), Niki Hildebrand (Contemplating Transcendence), Claudia Bicen (Thoughts in Passing), and more. On-going displays include a History of Funeral Care; End-of-Life Planning; various cultural traditions, such as Tibetan Conscious Dying and African Funerary Art; pieces from the Death & Dying Fashion Collection; and our breathtaking Near-Death Experience mirror-lined chamber

Expo 216
216 N Front St, Wilmington, NC