FRANK Gallery in Chapel Hill presents Bill McAllister and Peter Filene

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Bill McAllister and Peter Filene

October 8th-November 10th

Opening Reception: Friday, October 11th 6-8pm

Artist Talk: Saturday, October 26th 10-11am

The months of October/November will be celebrating the work of accomplished FRANK members and photographers, Peter Filene and Bill McAllister. Both artists approach the medium of photography in their own highly skilled and creative way. 

On exhibit by Peter Filene will be his latest series in photocollage as well as his double-exposure photography.                                                                                                                                             

Photocollage is a technique whereby the artist tears up his photographs and assembles the pieces together in order to take a new photograph. This in turn gives his imagery a new life as well as a striking and imaginative result.

For his double-exposure on film photographs, Peter first takes a photo in an urban landscape or in a museum setting. He then cocks the shutter without advancing the film, and takes another photo of a subject that he hopes will harmonize with the first. The effect is a masterful, painterly image, one not easily replicated, which Peter eloquently describes as “a marriage of intention and chance.”

Bill McAllister’s work for this fall exhibit is a series of Cyanotype photographs. In images taken with an underwater camera, Bill explores how the reflection and refraction of light in water interplays with and abstracts the floating human figure. Printing these shots in the Cyanotype process enhances an ethereal and otherworldly feeling of his underwater work, making the printing process integral to the imagery itself. 

We hope that you can visit the gallery during this exceptional show and for the opening reception on October 11th and the Artist Talk led by Peter Filene and Bill McAllister on October 26th.