311 Gallery in Raleigh presents Yang and Yung


Top Raleigh art gallery, 311 Gallery presents a new show - Yang and Yung

As far back as the 3rd century BCE, Chinese philosophy has been divided into schools of thought. The schools varied in their approach to life’s mysteries but their philosophies centered around humanism with their focus on the moral, the practical, and the political. The great thinkers kept their messages vague so that their meanings were boundless. Their teachings were poetical; they taught with aphorisms, allusions, and parables.

The School of Naturalists, the Yin Yang School, is centered on the belief that the cause of all universal phenomena stems from the combination and interaction of two inseparable and contradictory opposite forces called Yin and Yang. Yin is seen as the receptive female essence and Yang is the active male essence in opposites such as north/south, cold/hot, winter/summer, spirit/form, emotion/physical. These forces are of equal importance and must stay in balance for there to be harmony; as one increases, the other must decrease. As one quality reaches its peak, it will naturally transform into its opposite quality.

In this Chinese school of thought, the chaos of material energy is shaped into objects and lives. Yin and Yang have coexisted in the center of the earth since the universe was created; everything has Yin and Yang aspects. And while the forces are opposites, they are complimentary.You can’t have shadow without light or mountains without valleys.

The duality of Yin and Yang is two-dimensional and the energy/stress created from their opposition produces a rhythm that introduces a third-dimension, Yung. Yung, paired with Chung, are at the heart of the Confucianism School and is explained in the Doctrine of the Steadfast Mean as the law of the mind. Yung is the fixed principle that regulates everything under heaven; it is intelligence without gender, subjectivity, or polarity. It is an abstract realtiy that is neither Yin nor Yang and is not in between but taken together. Yung is how we perceive the Rhythm.

Thus, we are ruled by three powerful and equal forces. Yin is emotional, Yang is physical, and Yung is intellectual. Together they are considered the Triumvirate Braid of Rhythms/Creation; the mind, heart, body that we exist within.

311 Gallery is pleased to host Bob Rankin and Kimberlee Maselli in their stunning show Yin, Yang, and Yung, a combination of Abstract, Realism, and Abstracted Realism. Both artists work in bright, harmonious colors to produce stunning paintings. Bob is perhaps longest known for his purely abstract paintings and Kimberlee, for her rich, deep landscapes. However, these infectious art teachers each joyously work the other side of the fence. In recent years, Bob’s abstracted landscapes have taken on a life of their own and Kimberlee’s pure abstracts have circled back to liven up her realistic works.

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