311 Gallery: R.E.D. Ladies Rock

311 Gallery hosts R.E.D. Ladies Rock 

artGuide art news blog presents information about 311 Gallery's exhibit R.E.D. Ladies Rock. Three artists will come together and combine their creative processes together to create StudioRED. Located in Raleigh, North Carolina this show will be running until May 4th-27th.

StudioRED is the coming together of three artists; Rhonda Gardner, Eileen Hendren and Debbie Robbins, with a love of painting, learning, friendships with each other, and the need of a place to create (and store their ever growing collections of art supplies!).  We all come from creative careers; Rhonda and Debbie have degrees in interior design, Eileen in architecture.  Our spark for painting had been contained for years under a lot of straight lines and paint samples!  

Rhonda Gardner.  Rhonda enjoys painting figures and works primarily in oils, but regularly creates works in acrylic, graphite, pen, and watercolor.  Her use of figures is not always the primary focus but rather a part of a larger narrative.  A love of blending, layering, and the use of rich color can be witnessed in all of her work.  Rhonda’s journey continues as she explores new challenges and learning opportunities.  “Producing art for me is as much about the continuing journey of trying new things and developing new skills as it is about producing a successful finished piece.”  

Eileen Hendren.  Eileen loves working in oils. She is passionate about the history of oil painting, the way it fills your senses, “the way it smells, the feel and the ingredients.”  What inspires Eileen is the incredible richness of art history worldwide, its evolution over time, and the passion and sense of self that artists invest in their work.  She’s also inspired by the knowledge that she will never reach the end of her artistic journey.  Eileen loves to travel and has painted scenes from all over the world, or as she puts it, “all places and anywhere stories happen.”  

Debbie Robbins.  Debbie has fallen in love with many varied mediums of artistic expression.  She especially loves working in acrylics, the fast drying time of the paint allows for experimentation with layers and textures using a variety of gel mediums. She continues these experiments in her encaustic work, taking advantage of the wax’s transparency to create rich, layered pieces.  In her studio, she also works in watercolor, alcohol ink, charcoal, and colored pencil.  Debbie’s work ranges from intimate portraits of the scenes she encounters to large abstract paintings.