Jo Farris, artist at Lagerquist Gallery in Atlanta, Georgia is featured in artGuide's art new art blog

Jo Farris,  Path of One’s Own

Jo Farris, Path of One’s Own

Jo Farris is a very accomplished artist showing work out of Atlanta art gallery, Lagerquist Gallery.  Located in Miami Circle artGuide magazine and artGuide art news art blog is thrilled to highlight one of Lagerquist Gallery's favorite artists.

Georgia artist, Jo Farris was fortunate as a child to travel across the United States.  Cities capture her heart. They have a pulse that undulates with traffic and teeming pedestrians as witnessed in her oil paintings.

She began her formal education at the Mississippi State College for Women painting in the realist tradition.  Her studies continued at the University of South Alabama which provided her a firm understanding of abstraction.  It is these two traditions which give her current paintings an edginess with rhythm and movement... an authenticity without explicit definition.  Her familiar subjects create a mystery through her use of transparencies, stained applications, and areas of excavations.  There is a seduction of the surface as she paints pulling the viewer closer.

Ms Farris has received numerous awards.  Her work graces homes and businesses across America’s heartland.


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