artGuide Features Asheville North Carolina Artist Bill Abramson

Photographer Bill Abramson discusses his inspiration and motivation to photograph the open Torah. artGuide features this Asheville North Carolina artist in Artist Intros.

Bill Abramson
Asheville, North Carolina

As Bill reminisced about his heritage, he felt the strong desire for the Torah to be a greater part of his life. He spoke to his rabbi and requested permission to photograph the open Torah. The result, a 36” x 36” canvas is truly inspired.  Notice the warm colors and the yad (hebrew for hand) lying across the parashah (hebrew word for a section of the Torah).  Bill donated it as a gift to Rabbi Skolnick and the South Orlando Jewish Center.  A copy hangs prominently in Bill’s home providing him with inspiration and good feelings, bringing Ha’Shem to mind frequently.  Since then he has received accolades from many people. This piece of work is currently hanging (or soon to be) in Bradenton, Clearwater, Orlando, Asheville NC, and several private homes. 

In this image, the Torah is opened to the parashah Terumah, which describes the construction of the Holy Ark.