Artist Directory Spotlight: Bre Barnett Crowell

Spotlight on Charlotte artist, Bre Barnett Crowell

Bre Crowell,  Best Intentions,  2016, pastel, 27" x 21"

Bre Crowell, Best Intentions, 2016, pastel, 27" x 21"

This week's artist from artGuide Magazine's artist directory is Charlotte artist - Bre Barnett Crowell.

Twice a year artGuide Magazine releases an artist directory that highlights artists and artworks from across the country. Each artist has their own personal page that is searchable based on genre, location, and name. The page also provides links to the artist's individual website as well as an artist biography and an example of their work. Collectors, gallery owners, and patrons anxiously await artGuide's exclusive Artist Directory every 6 months.

Bre creates expressionistic abstracts, landscapes, and figures in multiple mediums.  Her current work explores pure pigments and textural elements inspired by nature and organic forms. Recent publications include Northlight’s Abstract Painting, a Celebration of Contemporary Art and The Pastel Journal’s The Year’s Best Paintings. Representation: Hagan Fine Art (Charleston).

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