Figurative artist, Catherine Martin discusses her works

Featured top figurative artist, Catherine Martin, talks with artGuide art news blog her love of painting

Top figurative artist, Catherine Martin, showed an exceptional talent for drawing at a young age and turned that into a lifelong passion and career. Catherine was one of a few select figurative artists that artGuide art news blog highlighted in the annual Figurative and Portrait Art Feature.  The Red Canvas, Catherine's studio/gallery showcases all of her stunning work, in Apex, North Carolina

Catherine C. Martin, Jackson, 2017, acrylic on canvas, 24"x18x.5" 

Catherine Martin is fine art painter and her gallery is located in Apex, N.C. which is near Raleigh, N.C.  Her interest in art surfaced at an early age, at which time she exhibited a talent for drawing.  Her parents were very encouraging and supportive of her talent and enrolled her in classical drawing and painting classes at the age of 10.  

As a college student, Cathy continued to cultivate her interest in the visual arts by attending ECU and graduating from UNC-W; the study of art was an integral part of her college education.  In order to continue her artistic development, she studied at UNC, Meredith College. Additionally, Cathy has participated in many national and international workshops.

Cathy is  a process painter.  By her own definition, process painting is painting in the moment without anticipation of the end result.  If a painting is to her liking, then she will continue on the process to complete it; however, if the work is not to her liking, she fearlessly begins the process again.

Her work is expressive.  Bright and exciting color along with exuberant, confident, brushstrokes demand the viewer's attention.  The eye-catching, heavy layers of paint and broad, bold brushstrokes, create beautiful textures, which move the viewer around the painting.

Cathy's work has been exhibited at many galleries throughout the state of North Carolina and is located in private collections around the world.  Throughout her career, she has also been involved with several juried group shows.