Deborah Hill Featured Floral Artist

Floral artist, Deborah Hill, discusses her works with artGuide

Deborah R Hill, Blue Floral No. 4, 2017, oil on board, 12" x 24" 

This month's featured editorial focused on floral art. South Carolina artist, Deborah Hill, shares with artGuide art news blog her creative processes and goals as an artist.

Deborah's paintings are inspired by beaches, shore lines and industrial scenes. Her goal with every piece is to show the mood and hidden detail found in any scene, providing a way for all who view her work to experience a feeling of nostalgia and familiarity. She wants those who see her art to relate to the story and the subject matter that is embedded into the piece, and bring out the subtlety and nuance found in each image.

The sites she is drawn to are typically beach, industrial and rural scenes, working in studio and plein air.

Deborah works primarily with oil on canvas or board, and capture the beauty of waterways, beaches, industrial settings and rural vistas through differing balances of color, brushwork and paint application. She is classically trained painter having a BFA with a concentration in painting.

Painting is her passion and she enjoys capturing the true beauty and essence of her surroundings. whether she is in studio working from a still life or out in the elements painting plein air.  Please contact her today for more information on my work and join her email list to receive painting updates and monthly newsletters and follow her on Instagram at deborahrhillpaintings.

She considers herself a contemporary impressionist painter, working primarily in the medium of oil on canvas.  Deborah works in studio and plein air, dividing her time between upstate NY and Seabrook Is SC. Her paintings convey a sense of familiarity via the subject matter, with interjection of abstract elements by means of colour, brushwork and paint application. Whether she is painting a landscape or the figure, her goal as an artist remains the same- show the setting and mood of the scene.