Easel Rider at Pink Dog Creative to Create a New Mural

New Mural Created at Pink Dog Creative in Asheville's River Arts District


Pink Dog Creative is pleased to announce, as part of it’s ongoing Container Project, it is partnering with LEAF’s Easel Rider and the Southside neighborhood to provide an opportunity for the young people in the Southside neighborhood to produce their own mural ideas to later be translated writ large on the containers.

Easel Rider and LEAF teaching artists will provide materials and instruction to any school-aged child who would like to create an drawing for the mural . Easel Rider will be parked at Pink Dog Creative on Saturday, April 14, 2018 from 10-1 for the children to participate in this art project. Later this year, Pink Dog Creative will oversee the implementation of the mural.

Current mural artist Jenny Pickens, who grew up in the Southside neighborhood, will be available to talk about her current mural Zola’s Embrace from 10:30-12:00that morning.

For more information contact Hedy Fischer hedy@pinkdog-creative.com 828-216-1331