artGuide Featured artist Elinor Bowman

Featured top artist, Elinor Bowman shares her passion of painting with artGuide art news blog.

artGuide Magazine's Artists Intros featured North Carolina artist, Elinor Bowman. Creating paintings for Elinor, is a way for her to channel her truest self. Intrigued by capturing the human figure she attempts to portray a sense of persona through all of her pieces across a variety of mediums. Her creations can be seen in a few galleries across Asheville

Elinor Bowman moved to Asheville, North Carolina, in 2002, and took up the study and practice of art.  After careers in business she found a passion in art.   Her favorite subjects have been people, though she also enjoys painting still lifes and landscapes. 

One day, after painting many live models in oil, she decided to “have some fun”.  She painted a few paintings that day with ground Chinese ink, and continued for a while.  Later, she began using watercolor in the live model sessions, and then black walnut ink.  She loves the looseness and spontaneity of watercolor and ink, the resulting almost abstract expression, while still being recognizable as people.

Experimenting with different mediums—ink, watercolor and oil—has interested her.  Her current figurative work is primarily done from live models.  You can see her paintings on her website,