Member artists on exhibit at FRANK Gallery in Chapel Hill

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The June/July Exhibition at FRANK will be highlighting the work of member artists Mary Stone Lamb and Jim Oleson as well as guest artists Berkeley Grimball, Jim Lux, and Phillip Welch. This diverse exhibit will showcase the art of the five talented artists and their mediums of encaustic wax, wood, ceramic, and jewelry. 

Having a background representing a multitude of artistic styles, Mary Stone Lamb is currently working with the encaustic wax medium. Through encaustics Lamb is able to create beautiful, abstract pieces with rich textures and a structural quality. Rather than trying to fight the nature of encaustic wax, Lamb has perfected working with the medium to create sumptuous, textural pieces which encapsulate a type of depth often not found with other mediums. 

With a brilliant body of work in functional wood furniture, Jim Oleson has more recently taken the design quality of his furniture and implemented it into creating remarkable sculptures. A commonality with all of Oleson’s work is his exceptional designs and his incredibly high level of craftsmanship. We are thrilled to be presenting his newest designs for this highly anticipated exhibit. 

Berkeley Grimball, owner of Grimball Jewelers a Chapel Hill institution, will be showcasing his beautifully handcrafted and inventive jewelry. Drawing on his long career as a designer, jewelry maker, as well as his background as a musician, Grimball uses parts of instruments to create exceptional and finely crafted pieces of wearable art.  

With a unique process combining time tested techniques and his own personal methods, Jim Lux creates beautiful pieces of pottery with distinctive finishes.  Building his pieces with coils of clay pinched together and then expertly smoothed and finished by hand, Lux then fires his pieces in an electric kiln followed by covering his pieces in organic material and lit on fire. This interesting process creates fascinating surface textures which are made even the more fascinating when finished with wax and metallic powders.

Believing that form and function are inseparable, Phillip Welch creates “art as furniture.” With precision, individuality and utility, Welch builds pieces that stand the test of time but with a unique twist. For the first time showing at FRANK gallery, please help us in celebrating his work. 

We look forward to sharing this exciting exhibit with the public and hope to see you soon.

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