The Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art Presents Tom Stanley: Scratching the Surface

Tom Stanley: Scratching the Surface

Houses, 2017, acrylic on canvas, 47½ x 37½ inches

artGuide art news blog presents Tom Stanley: Scratching the Surface at the Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art. Associated with the College of Charleston, the Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art is a leading contemporary exhibition space in South Carolina.  A top destination in the heart of Charleston, the Halsey is a must visit for any art patron.

The Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art at the College of Charleston presents a solo exhibition called Tom Stanley: Scratching the Surface that will be on view from May 19 – July 8, 2017. Scratching the Surface features more than 60 paintings by Tom Stanley from the past two decades, most of which have been produced in the last few years. Stanley is a South Carolina based painter and current professor and Chair of Fine Arts at Winthrop University in Rock Hill, South Carolina. This exhibition at the Halsey Institute will offer an examination of his recent abstract work, while also debuting a new body of paintings completed this year.

Untitled Drawing, 2012, acrylic on canvas, 47x47 inches

Known for his work utilizing sgraffito, the practice of scratching a layer of paint to reveal a contrasting layer beneath it, Stanley’s works also contain dripping paint evoking Abstract Expressionism and expressive lines that recal Surrealist automatic drawing.

Stanley’s abstractions draw on the forms of the world around him, typically including items like boats, ladders, water towers, and houses. In his recent Vessels series, his canvases riff on the motif of a boat, often portraying one of more such vessels amidst a plane of harried lines and sgraffito. Such a series emphasizes the duality contained within his paintings: expressive yet measured, formally-engaged yet conceptually-driven, abstract yet connected to reality.



Correlating events during the exhibition currently include:

Opening Reception, Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art

Friday, May 19, 6:30-8:00 p.m.

Sgraffito Workshop at the Charleston Farmer’s Market, Marion Square

Saturday, May 20, 10:00 a.m.

Artist Lecture and Gallery Walkthrough, Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art

#1 (from the series Red, White, and Black) 2010, acrylic on canvas, 48x68 inches

Saturday, June 17, 2:00 p.m.
These events are free and open to the public.





Stanley is an artist and chair of the Department of Fine Arts at Winthrop. He also served as director of Winthrop University Galleries from 1990-2010. Born in Fort Hood, Texas, Stanley grew up in Concord, N.C. He received a B.A. in Art from Sacred Heart College in 1972. After serving two years alternative service in lieu of induction, he worked in Passaic, N.J., and New York City in the design and wall accessory industry. He received an M.A. in applied art history and an M.F.A. in painting from the University of South Carolina in 1980, where he also taught relief

Tom Stanley, #1 (from Red White and Black series), 2010 Acrylic on canvas, 48 x 68 inches, courtesy of the artist printmaking and 2D design at maximum security Central Corrections Institute.



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