Fine Art at Baxters Featured on Historic Home & Garden Tour

The Iconic Building of Fine Art at Baxters is Featured in the Historic Home & Garden Tour

Joanne Geisel, Coming Together

artGuide art news blog presents information about Fine Art at Baxters feature on the New Bern Spring Historic Home & Garden Tour. This North Carolina gallery showcases a variety of arts from glass art, ceramic and traditional paintings. 

Fine Art at Baxters Fine Art Gallery (former Baxter’s Jewelry Store) will help celebrate the Spring Home & Garden Tour’s 50th Anniversary. On Friday, April 7 and Saturday, April 8, the gallery will open its’ doors for a behind-the-scenes view of this historic 1920’s building. 

A reception will be held on Friday, April 7, 2017 from
5:00pm – 8:00 pm during the downtown Art Walk.
Featured during the tour, gallery artists Joanne Giesel, Karen Crenshaw and Eric McRay will be painting home renderings, nautical and local scenes. Benny Baxter, (Nelson McDaniel) might even make a surprise appearance and take you back to the Baxter era!
Celebrating our 5th year anniversary, Fine Art at Baxters Art gallery offers a wide range of art by regionally and nationally recognized artists, featuring original paintings as well as works in the fine art media of glass, pottery, ceramics, sculpture and jewelry. 

Gallery partners Jim Bisbee, Donna Slade, and Vicki Vitale invite you to visit this iconic historic building.
Baxter’s was established by T.J. Baxter in 1892 and moved to the present building location in 1918 by his son. Its exceptional patterned brickwork, executed in red and buff-colored pressed brick, distinguishes the façade of the Baxter’s building. The stately (4,500 square-foot) building has two-story ceilings and a huge skylight in the main gallery showroom. Its sun-bleached antique glass showcases line both sides of the gallery floor. The building is greatly enhanced by the Baxter’s Clock, an ornate Seth Thomas street clock erected in front of the building in 1920.