A Look into the Art of Jayne Walther

Raleigh artist Jayne Walther from Litmus Gallery & Studios


Jayne’s life journey has taken her down many paths. Each path has provided new skills, and a deeper realization that all things in the universe are connected. Her artist statement can be summed up in four words – we are all one.

Perhaps one of the most creatively influential paths she has traveled is her longtime study of mindfulness. Through her meditation practice she is able to go beyond the chattiness in her mind to a more spacious place. Jayne’s abstract artwork expresses this place where we are all one, where language is meaningless. Where shape and form blur giving way to an energetic connection.

She is fascinated with the layers in life that connect us. So it’s no surprise her works are compilations of many layers and textures. Jayne’s work invites the viewer to begin to sense, perhaps subconsciously, the connection with oneself and the infinite. Abstraction has become Jayne’s language, her way of sharing this peaceful still space with no boundaries.

Jayne resides in Raleigh. Her studio is located downtown in the warehouse district. You can also find her work at the Village Art Circle Gallery in Cary, NC