artGuide Featured Abstract Artist Jenny King in Artist Intros

Abstract artist, Jenny King, discusses the inspiration for her pieces

Jenny King, Living in a Dream, 2016, oil on canvas, 40"x60"x2"

artGuide Magazine's Artists Intros sectioned featured Georgia based artist, Jenny King. Jenny has a distinct style, usually with an ethereal focal point being her identifying signature. Having her own studio in Marietta, she is able to translate her clients stories into exquisite masterpieces. 

Explore Spirit, Nature, and Culture of Life and Locale through an Artist’s Eyes.

Jenny King strives to see in the ordinary what others may miss, recognizes the beauty awaiting to be adored, and translates that feeling onto canvas so that others may also experience that unique value which yearns to be seen and known.  She conveys the essence of a specific place or event in an extraordinary way. 

“I create art from the emotion evoked while immersing myself in the spirit, nature, and culture of a place.  Whichever media is calling to express that emotion, whether it’s oils, acrylic, mixed media, or a part of the environment... whichever feels right, that’s what I will use to create a relevant piece of art.  I am incredibly grateful to share my travel experiences, the essence of a locale, the spirit of the people, and beauty of the land from a place of love and awe.”

Jenny’s work can be found at the beautifully quaint Jenny King Artist & Studio Gallery in Marietta, Georgia.