John and June Allcott Gallery hosts MFA Thesis Exhibition: Vanessa Murray

One Week MFA Thesis Exhibition: Vanessa Murray Uncertain Becomings

artGuide art news blog presents a brief MFA exhibition in the John and June Allcott Gallery in Chapel Hill. This one week exhibition will allow anyone to experience Vanessa Murray's Uncertain Becomings and her relation to physical presence upon the creation of art. 

March 27th-31st, 2017

Reception: March 30th, 5-7 pm

Uncertain Becomings explores my interest in the physical presence of painting. The surfaces of the work are important. I see these paintings as a sort of reverse or positive excavation process. Negative spaces or cavities are formed from accumulative applications. The surfaces of my paintings intend to reward close looking and investigation. Moments of transparency between areas of thick, solid, smoothed out expanses of paint promote a sense of geologic time or stratification. I’m creating forms through my process that hover between certain dualities: vacant yet solid, ethereal yet earthly, weightless yet topographical. The amassing of layers become suggestive of geologic formations, cavernous and sometimes bodily forms.

To achieve the most physical presence in a piece I am fully conscious of each and every layer and decision in my process. By presence, I’m referring to work that has the ability to stare back at the viewer. Every material decision that is applied is a response to the surface that comes before it. I’m interested in creating a sense of each painting being its own state of becoming, asking the viewer to participate. My work engages with a slowness of process, but also with the slowness of perception. This state of becoming relates to the viewer in that my paintings ask to slow down the process of looking through subtle visual differences and exchanges of color, texture, and layering. By carefully building upon layers of material, while attempting to keep them simultaneously exposed I am promoting a certain sense of time unfolding in the work. This sense of time is a very slow one, a kind of compressed time, glacial time even. It’s one that exists below our threshold of perception. Therefore a state of becoming also exists beyond our own threshold of understanding or certainty.

Admission: Free

Gallery Hours: Monday-Friday, 8 am-5 pm