A look in the the inspiration behind artist Jayne Walther's art

Raleigh artist, Jayne Walther shares with us how the painting “Joy” was inspired.

Jayne Walther,  Joy , Oil and cold wax on panel 36 x 30 x 1.5

Jayne Walther, Joy, Oil and cold wax on panel 36 x 30 x 1.5

In preparation for her solo exhibit "Inter-Depend-Dance" last year Jayne was led to many gardens to do early-morning photo shoots. She told us that as a photographer, it is extremely difficult to capture the energetic quality of the moments she sees. "I started to paint in 2011 so that I could better convey the energy I was experiencing. I wanted to show someone the energetic quality of a spring morning. How could I convey a sense of warmth from the sun, the hopefulness in the songs of birds, or the magic of blooming flowers? "

She used oil paint and cold wax to create part of the Inter-Depend-Dance series. “The cold wax allows me to create many layers and textures, which give paintings depth. I don't paint from my photographs. I paint from my heart. When I meditate I can sense the oneness of the universe. When I am in that space, there is no form or language, but there is an energetic quality of connection. I approach my paintings in this same way-seeking to find the energetic quality that is the unseen part of the picture. How do I translate that? I am constantly exploring this idea."

Her insight to start painting the energy she feels has served her well. In 2015 she opened a studio at Litmus Gallery and Studios in downtown Raleigh. She also has artwork at the Village Art Circle in Cary, NC. Jayne is interested in expanding her reach, and is currently seeking gallery representation for her paintings in the southeast.