Virginia Artist Kathleen Walsh Discusses Her Landscape Works

Featured landscape artist Kathleen Walsh shares with artGuide her landscape pieces 

Kathleen Walsh, California Dreaming, Big Sur, 2016, plein air, oil on linen panel, 12"x12"

artGuide art news blog featured landscape and cityscapes as this months editorial. Landscape artist from Virginia, Kathleen Walsh, immerses herself outdoors and spends her time taking detailed notes on the composition surrounding her.

“My aim is to capture the fleeting moment” says Kathleen Walsh when describing her scenes.  In her piece, California Dreaming, Big Sur, we see her use of tones and palette as they loosely, almost abstractly - with hard and faint lines - convey an emotional temperance to a scene whose existence was short lived.  Linda Hollett-Bazouzi is “driven by a sense of impending change, whether by human development or weather, season or light”, when she chooses her scenes.  A viewer can see this impending change in her piece, Rappahannock River, October.  The ripples of the river are almost lifelike with Hollett’s interplay of blue tones and her use of detailed lines.  Overlapping lines accentuate the different cloud structures and foreshadow a changing front - allowing the viewer to not only look at the painting, but allow us to view the scene in person.