Lagerquist Gallery's Laurie Adams is featured by artGuidemag art blog

Laurie Yeates Adams, Buddy, oil on canvas

Laurie Yeates Adams, Buddy, oil on canvas

Laurie Adams' focus on figurative work, whether human or of our best friends is what drew us to her work.  artGuidemag art blog is excited to showcase this Atlanta-based, Lagerquist Gallery represented artist.

Concentrating on the figure, Laurie’s search is to find the exceptional inward nature of her subject.            

Using oils, she attempts to create an atmospheric relationship between values, experimenting with edges, textures, lines, and colors in an effort to communicate these intrinsic qualities.

Laurie’s hope is that her work allows the viewer to get a glimpse of the unique personal beauty, which she believes holds the essence of being, found within her subject.

Laurie’s work can be found at established Atlanta art gallery, Lagerquist Gallery.

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