Living Landscapes at 311 Gallery Raleigh

Lori White,  Dune Fence Chaos

Lori White, Dune Fence Chaos

311 Gallery in Raleigh showcases Living Landscapes with a Contemporary Flair through March 31st. 

311 Gallery, a Raleigh art gallery in North Carolina is a staple of the Raleigh arts scene.  In March this top Raleigh art gallery showcases local art and regional North Carolina art focusing on Landscapes.

311 W. Martin St. Raleigh
(919) 436-6987
Wed-Sat 11:30-4:30pm

Linda Eddins,  At the Lake

Linda Eddins, At the Lake

The earth has been a wonderful inspiration for artists over the last few centuries. Landscapes rank high in the hierarchy of genres in art history; ‘landscape’ refers to cityscapes, seascapes, and waterscapes along with scenes from nature.  The unifying element of -scape artworks is that they center around a scene.       

Contemporary artists have not limited themselves to photo-realistic depictions. They play with color, juxtapose elements, and use various methods of applying pigment.  Some are painted en plein air (in the open air), giving the artist the benefit of being surrounded with the beauty of the scenery. 

Others are painted from photographs or quick sketches which, in addition to the comfort of a studio, allows the artist to combine environments to create unique -scapes.   
Lori White, an environmentalist, hopes her work will encourage viewers to be good stewards, protecting the beauty of our world.  Jim Hallenbeck and Linda Eddins strive to trigger an emotion, or to spark a memory that resonates on a very unique personal level.   

Rick Bennett and Bekah Haslett like to paint en plein air.  Bekah strives to capture that elusive essence that made her stop and look in the first place; Rick’s work is more abstract, exploring the shapes, light and places that tell him he is home.  Five artists will be exhibiting a variety of landscape styles at 311 Gallery’s Living Landscapes show. Artists include Lori White, Jim Hallenbeck, Linda Eddins, Bekah Haslett, and Rick Bennett.

Opening reception is March 3rd from 6-9pm