artGuidemag art blog visited Marietta Square Artist Attic

artGuidemag art blog visited Marietta Square Artist Attic and were fortunate enough to take a personalized tour.  Amazing variety of all types of art!

A few weeks ago Liz and Thomas Gilanyi had the pleasure of being invited to the Marietta Square Artist Attic Cider Tasting event.  

We were thrilled at the opportunity to meet great players in the Greater Atlanta art world and planned a trip around the tasting.  Apart from visiting a slew of galleries, we ended up at MSAA. 

Upon entering we were greeted by the always pleasant Gallery Director, Martha, who escorted us around the gallery, introducing artists and showcasing the varied use space which includes group exhibition spaces as well as individual artist spaces.

The variety of artwork was incredible.  Studios, private exhibit spaces, and group exhibits spaces popper up around every corner.  A must visit if you're ever in Greater Atlanta

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