artGuide features Photographer Mike Basher in Artist Intros

Mike Basher,  Beaufort Inlet I , 2015, silver gelatin photograph, edition 3/5, 40” x 50”

Mike Basher, Beaufort Inlet I, 2015, silver gelatin photograph, edition 3/5, 40” x 50”

artGuide Magazine's Artist Intros section featured Beaufort, North Carolina based photographer Mike Basher.  Basher's photographic processes create an amazing effect of exposure in his pieces.  

Mike Basher
Beaufort, North Carolina

Working exclusively with black and white film, Mike Basher captures the drama of scenes from the sands of Death Valley to the mountains of Alaska, and of his surroundings in the Outer Banks, where he calls home. His quiet compositions breathe an immense amount of energy, often while incorporating the subtlest of elements.

“I work rigorously toward the exact photograph I have in my mind, and when I feel I have composed it, I make one exposure.  It is rare that two exposures or different compositions are made of the same scene.  Each moment is meticulously crafted, carefully exposed and completely individual as I pour myself into them.  They are my best offering.”  It is in this way that his work is highly limited, and carefully curated, even before the shutter is released.    

Basher’s editioned silver gelatin photographs are printed using archival darkroom methods, and are exquisitely custom framed by the artist to his exacting standards.