NC Wildlife Society shares their history with artGuidemag art blog

The North Carolina Wildlife Society was kind enough to share with artGuidemag art blog information about their history and organization.  We always love learning about art organizations and societies. 

Tony Craig, Barn Swallows

Tony Craig, Barn Swallows

Founded in 2010, the North Carolina Wildlife Artist Society was Beaufort, NC resident Kyle Dixon’s way of bringing statewide artists together and giving them a voice to promote not only their artwork, but also wildlife education and preservation.  “There was a great amount of talent getting overlooked here in North Carolina,” he said, “and this seemed like a chance for us to step up and do our part to help highlight the importance of wildlife not only here, but everywhere.”

Currently, over 30 artists from the mountains to the shore of North Carolina share their love of animals and art, and contribute works to several shows from Maryland to Georgia, the largest being held at the Core Sound Heritage Museum on Harkers Island, NC every fall. 

The mediums range from hand carved wooden decoys to stained glass, but the predominant works are flat art, like Kyle Dixon’s acrylic painting, “The Watch”.  

Several society members’ paintings have been selected to appear in the annual NC Wildlife Calendar, including Tony Craig’s “Barn Swallows”, as well as Raney Rogers, Mike Helsabeck, JP Edwards, and Tim Larson, to name a few.

In November of 2012, a new annual award was created to honor individuals the society deems have done the most to preserve wildlife and promote awareness.  Named the Duane Raver Conservation Award (or Raver, for short), it was created to initially honor one of North Carolina’s premiere wildlife artists, Duane Raver himself.  “For more than 50 years, Duane has been writing articles, creating plant and animal art and magazine covers for many well known publications, including ‘Wildlife in North Carolina’, and it was a privilege to bestow the first ‘Raver’ to Duane” says Kyle.

The North Carolina Wildlife Artist Society invites all fine art wildlife artists working in North Carolina to join and showcase their art.  Field trips to local sanctuaries and workshops with guest speakers are provided.  The mission is to continue to expand with new shows and new means of preserving the state’s wildlife heritage, to provide special funding for scholarships in wildlife research, and to become a strong, influential factor in education within the school systems.  Anyone, anywhere is invited to become an associate member and receive a newsletter detailing events.

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