Wilmington Art Gallery: New Elements

New Elements comes to Raleigh with exhibition at 18 Seaboard Restaurant

new elements.jpg

Opening in Raleigh with Robert F. Irwin
Saturday September 23rd, 6-8pm
18 Seaboard Restaurant
18 Seaboard Ave, Ste #100, Raleigh, NC

Robert F. Irwin is one of the best living artists in North Carolina.  For over 50 years he has cataloged the ever-changing coastline.  His broad, confident paint strokes record our landscape in a forthright and unpretentious way. 

Withdrawing from the First Friday scene to enjoy his Beaufort retreat, “New Elements” marks a return to the Triangle area after a five-year hiatus.  This exhibit introduces a fresh body of work layering photography and painting.  A former professional photographer, Irwin has always used his own photographs as a resource.  So, directly combining his photos into his paintings was a natural leap.  This new technique has reinvigorated Irwin’s creative drive.  Irwin returns to previous subject matter with great nostalgia. His photos capture line and shadow, but his brushstrokes impart haunting emotions.

New Elements Gallery in Wilmington, NC is excited to host this special exhibition with Robert F. Irwin.  New Elements Gallery proudly represents the artist in the greater Triangle area.