Plein Air Artists

artGuide is excited to feature two amazing Plein Air artists.  Each uses a unique style to capture the world around us in real time with a palette and a brush.  The ever-changing environments in which plein air artists choose to work is clearly displayed in their works which evoke an aura of non-complacency and non-stillness.  

Linda Hollett-Bazouzi is a wonderfully talented Richmond, Virginia based artist, who exhibits in multiple galleries throughout the state of Virginia.  Nerys W. Levy is a nationally-toured artist based in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.  Her works have been showcased in multiple exhibits across the country.  Each artist carries a very unique style to their Plein Air work - we hope you enjoy learning about them!


Hollett-Bazouzi, Linda

Linda Hollett-Bazouzi,  Blackstone, Bright September Day ,  oil on canvas, 8" x 10”

Linda Hollett-Bazouzi, Blackstone, Bright September Day,  oil on canvas, 8" x 10”

Linda Hollett-Bazouzi is a well-known painter of local, regional, and international landscapes. A devoted and driven en plein air painter, she travels with her oil paints and paint knife down the street and around the world. She does not consider her plein air works ‘studies’, and they are not done with larger pieces in mind. Rather, they are finished works that stand on their own, which may or may not inform later studio pieces. 

She is drawn to scenes that we see but don’t notice, that seem unimportant—but often blur the edge between nature and man-made. Her work is often done in a series, driven by the passage of time.  Tick-tock, tick-tock.


Nerys W. Levy

Nerys Levy, Teton Village, Jackson, Wyoming, 2016, diptych, mixed media water color and water soluble pen on paper, 7" x 20"

Nerys Levy, Teton Village, Jackson, Wyoming, 2016, diptych, mixed media water color and water soluble pen on paper, 7" x 20"

Born in Wales and a twenty seven year resident of Carrboro, North Carolina, Nerys Levy is deeply rooted in her native country’s culture which has influenced her painting. Although she painted throughout much of her childhood, Levy began serious studies in 1980 in La Jolla, California, working with various members of the Visual Arts Department of the University of California at San Diego. She also studied at the Pacific Art League in Palo Alto, California. Many of her works are in private collections both in Europe and the United States.

As Chairperson of the Carrboro Branch Library Art Committee and Co-Chair of the Horace Williams House Art Committee, during the past twenty one years Nerys has curated at least ninety exhibitions. She is also a member artist of FRANK Gallery, Chapel Hill where she and others are responsible for that gallery’s education and outreach activities