Plein Air Artist Linda Hollett-Bazouzi

Richmond artist Linda Hollett-Bazouzi showcasing Plein Air Art

Linda Hollett-Bazouzi,  Twilight on the York River , oil on canvas, 10" x 8”

Linda Hollett-Bazouzi, Twilight on the York River, oil on canvas, 10" x 8”

Hollett-Bazouzi received her B.S. and M.S. degrees in Art from Radford University. She is a member of Oil Painters of America, and is a docent at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts in Richmond, Virginia. Currently she is lead artist for the Virginia Plein Air Painters. Several times a year Hollett-Bazouzi offers workshops on color-mixing, palette knife painting, linear perspective, using a limited palette, plein air painting, and the business of art. She writes a bi-monthly blog on her painting adventures, and also a newsletter about art events going on near and around Richmond.

“My work is all about capturing a moment in time, in such a way that the viewer will have a response similar to mine at that moment, whether it be to the quiet, the sky, the wind, or the drama. I find it easier to capture that feeling painting en plein air. In order to capture that same feeling in the studio, I paint as quickly as possible, so the urgency of the moment is not lost.

“I find that using a paint knife instead of a brush can heighten the sense of movement and drama, while still being able to capture the quiet, slow moments. I love the feel of the blade to the surface, and the challenge of working with the knife.

“Because a camera distorts the the values of colors, the range of values, and the colors themselves, I find being able to make samples of colors on site to compare for use later in the studio to be a great help. So, if I don’t have time to paint en plein air, I will try to make some color notes IN PAINT (and in writing), to reference later. It is often helpful to put away the photographs at that point, or I start using THEM as the main reference, instead of my color notes.”

In 2013 she travelled to Tunisia as part of one hundred artists from around the world who gathered in Monastir, to visit and paint the region. She brought back with her samples of the colors she found in the desert and architecture. Last year she took a workshop with Roos Schuring in Holland, fighting the wind and rain on the North Sea. Her travels have taken her to Canada, England, Italy, Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia, Jordan, Israel, and Russia (the former Soviet Union).

Linda Hollett-Bazouzi,  Brook Run, Edge of Twilight , oil on canvas, 36" x 36”

Linda Hollett-Bazouzi, Brook Run, Edge of Twilight, oil on canvas, 36" x 36”

As an avid plein air painter, she has taken her oil paints with her around the world. While one usually thinks of plein air painting as being small works, Hollett-Bazouzi has painted as large as 30x40” on site. In the rain, she will paint from her car, or standing under the hatchback door. Painting in Holland on the beach in April has also taught her the value of boots.

“Boots make me fearless. Besides providing some protection from the cold, wind, and water, boots make me feel less vulnerable to insects. I will often spray my boots with bug spray.” 

In her studio Hollett-Bazouzi will work on bothlarge and small paintings—capturing that moment in time that will never exist again—from sketches, photographs, and color studies she hasdone on site. Her work is painted alla prima—all at once. When she gets to the bottom, she’s done. Large pieces may be done in 2 or 3 marathon sessions lasting 8 or more hours at a time.

Recently she has begun exploring the colors of the night.

“While copying Childe Hassam’s painting in the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, Moonlight, New England Coast, and then comparing it to my copy (also done in the VMFA) of Edward Bannister’s Moonlight Marine, I was amazing at how light the skies were, although both had the feeling of late at night. I have begun to explore the values and colors in the night sky.”

She is represented at Crossroads Art Center in Richmond, Gallery Flux in Ashland, Cabell Gallery in Lexington, and Stewart Gallery in Gloucester, Virginia.

Linda Hollett-Bazouzi,  New Point Comfort, High Tide #2 , oil on canvas, 12" x 24”

Linda Hollett-Bazouzi, New Point Comfort, High Tide #2, oil on canvas, 12" x 24”

Linda Hollett-Bazouzi, plein air color study for  New Point Comfort, High Tide #2 , oil on canvas

Linda Hollett-Bazouzi, plein air color study for New Point Comfort, High Tide #2, oil on canvas