Top River Arts District gallery Pink Dog Creative Gallery presents new mixed media exhibition

Top Asheville gallery in the River Arts District, Pink Dog Creative Gallery, presents new exhibition Inimitable Creation: Clay+Paper+Paint this August

Maria Andrade Troya,  Vine Vase

Maria Andrade Troya, Vine Vase

One of artGuide Magazine's favorite River Arts District spaces, Pink Dog Creative Gallery, is excited to announce a new mixed media group exhibition, Inimitable Creation: Clay+Paper+Paint. The Opening Reception will take place on Thursday, August 9, 6-8pm and the exhibition will run from August 3 to September 2, 2018.  artGuide Magazine features top gallery news and events throughout the state of North Carolina including major art markets such as Asheville, Raleigh, and Charlotte. 

Each artist works with a variety of processes, including two and three-dimensional media. Clay is their commonality, and while clay is amazingly responsive to the hand, it goes through countless changes in the firing processes. It often becomes something quite different from its beginning. Paint, collage and drawing however, tend to retain their characteristic appearances, as each mark remains. This show reveals their comfort in exploring the creative tension that exists between those dimensions. The different ways that these artists express themselves whilst responding to their individual muses creates a dynamic and captivating visual dialogue for the artist and the viewer alike.

Holly de Saillan works with a variety of media, though clay has been her medium of choice since her high school years. She has recently expanded her mixed media vintage paper collage work to include large-scale wall pieces.

Betsy has been working in clay since 2013 and feels fortunate to be in Asheville where there is such a rich ceramics tradition. She also will often feel the call to paint, and always keeps her paintbox close at hand. She studied painting and drawing at The Maryland institute of Art.

Maria Andrade Troya works in clay and hand draws animals and plants onto her pottery surfaces, using these everyday functional forms as canvases.

It is said that “a woman’s work is never done” and these three artists prove that by responding to an undying call to create their inimitable creations.