Introducing the Top Pottery Destination: Seagrove, North Carolina

Seagrove, North Carolina considered the 'home' of ceramic artists in the southeast. 

Seagrove is the largest ceramic community throughout the Southeastern, U.S. Seagrove, North Carolina is a top destination for artGuide art news blog to cover with its bustling activities, galleries and rich history. 

Located in the central piedmont of North Carolina, Seagrove is the largest community of potters with the longest continual history of pottery making in the United States. More than 100 ceramic artists call this tourist destination home.

Visitors can shop galleries and studios from the town’s center, extending to a 20-mile radius along the scenic NC Pottery Highway. Tour different shops to experience Seagrove’s pottery tradition, meet the potters and discover the limitless talent that thrives within this creative community.

Seagrove’s long history of pottery making began with the abundant and varied natural clay deposits found in the vicinity. This history has continued with 3rd and 4th generations carrying on the tradition. Due to the area's rich heritage, national and international ceramic artists have relocated to Seagrove, adding to the diversity of this unique pottery community.

The shops, galleries and studios of Seagrove are open all year, with special events held throughout the year. Celebrate spring by attending the Spring Kiln Opening on the third weekend of April. Saturdays in July offer hands-on experiences, studio tours, kiln openings and more. Seagrove joins American Craft Week in October in spotlighting the largest celebration of handmade American craft.

Perhaps the most popular event, the Celebration of Seagrove Potters in November gathers Seagrove potters together in the historic Luck’s Cannery to showcase their work with pottery sales, an auction of unique collectible pieces and demonstrations. December offers shoppers festive Holiday Open Studio events.

Seagrove is also the home of the North Carolina Pottery Center, which features permanent collections, history, educational programs, research and preservation.

Seagrove comprises an invaluable network of professional artists, exceptional in its diversity. From functional to decorative, from the traditional forms of the past to contemporary sculptural art pottery, Seagrove offers collectors a beautiful variety of styles. For more information about Seagrove pottery shops, visit