Trena McNabb Solo Exhibition this May at Gallery C in Raleigh NC

Trena McNabb blends science, realism, and fantasy in her May solo exhibition at Gallery C

Trena McNabb,  Let’s Talk About the Weather , acrylic, 30” x 60”

Trena McNabb, Let’s Talk About the Weather, acrylic, 30” x 60”

Each painting tells a story. Trena McNabb’s work reveals a deeper meaning through a connected series of smaller overlapping, transparent images. Unique blending of science, realism and fantasy upon contrasting white. Opening reception May 4, from 6-9pm; thru May 31.

Trena McNabb is a storyteller whose paintings piece together smaller scenes to create one cohesive narrative. Her artistic resume is extensive, spanning over three decades and including a host of community projects as well as over 45 selected exhibitions. Trena’s painting style has been described as a transparent, painted collage— forming a kaleidoscope of vivid colors that still retain a lifelike quality. The overlapping images she creates around one central theme combine to tell a story, and draw the viewer in with surreal and colorful forms, which become shockingly realistic when viewed up close.

This curious and elegant synthesis of realism and imagination in Trena’s art reflects her passion for nature and the environment. Real world visuals come alive through her use of “windows” created by the overlapping images, adding many layers to the story, which becomes deeper the longer one studies the work.

Trena’s unique blending of science, realism, and fantasy creates original art where vibrant color and stark white paint compete, contrast, and ultimately dance together in a rich, breathtaking harmony.

Trena paints large site-specific and small-scale paintings of allegorical scenes, uniting the stylized shapes with her own harmonious concept of beauty. These compositions are typical of her distinctive style, which is a multilayered montage of brightly lighted, realistically rendered, thematically related scenes and images.

The dimensionality of the work is achieved in many ways: geometric shapes within the painting or sectional pieces hung together. Most recently she has adapted a sectional painting to wrap around the interior walls of elevators. These techniques, combined with the repeated applications of the white on natural canvas, result in an unusual vibrancy and lifelike quality.

Whether she is telling a captivating story, documenting the growth of an industry, or reveling in the beauty of nature. Trena’s unique style of transparent overlapping images and montages of brilliant color inspire collectors.

“Looking at Trena McNabb’s paintings is a journey into ourselves. Her flawless compositions and thoughtful renderings thoroughly engage the viewer. She allows us to glimpse the unseeable aspects of life through her portrayals of real things. Joyful and intellectual, Trena McNabb’s paintings are the inspired work of an artist with much to say about the richness of our lives.”