UNC Art School Materia

UNC Chapel Hill Art School MFA students present a 2-day temporary exhibit titled Materia

artGuide art news blog is excited to present an amazing MFA student exhibit from UNC Chapel Hill.  A temporary exhibit spanning three locations in Chapel Hill, these students present inquisitive, exoteric artworks.  UNC Chapel Hill Art School is a top North Carolina Graduate Program.

Materia - A Temporal Collaboration at Three Atypical Sites

March 31st, 6-8pm and April 1st, 2-5pm

Guest Room - Dystopia/Dematerialization is a meditation on the elemental forms of our art materials. Each of our five practices are considered, deconstructed, and documented as raw elements. The photographic image presents the viewer with a secondary visual experience to provoke an alternative perception or perspective. 

Artists: Allison Coleman, Luke Firle, Lindsday Metivier, Joy Meyer, Vanessa Murray

How to get here: Located at 106 Glass House Lane, Carrboro, North Carolina, USA. Google maps hasn’t found us yet, so drive to 98 South Peak Drive and our gravel driveway is on your left. OR https://guestroomprojectspace.wordpress.com/about/

The Old Shed - Heterotopia/Materialization is a place but not a place. Five artists respond to a space individually and collectively simultaneously. Material tells a poetic fictional history through compartmentalized zones within the confounds of an old shed.

Artists: Kimberly English, Sarah Farrington, Joel Hoplar, Wayne Marcelli, Louis Watts, 

How to get here: The Old Shed is located on Gary Road between Orleander and West Poplar in Carrborro

Apartment Gallery - Utopia/Rematerialization Collected spoons are suspended from the ceiling in a column form symbolizing commodified nourishment, empty signs, funtional domestic utensils rendered useless yet beautiful - the spectacle of late capitalism, the impossibilty of Utopiat throught he repetition of form through mass production and collection, the archive and nostalgia.

Artists: Brittany Anderson, Emily Smith, Jeanine Tatlock, Lamar Whidbee, Carley Zarzeka

How to get here: Strafford Apartments, 881 Martin Luther King Blvd. Apartment 10G in Chapel Hill

All artists are current MFA students at UNC, Chapel Hill and are enrolled in Professor elin o’Hara slavick’s MFA Seminar.