Wilmington Arts Destination - Expo 216

Margarita Cimadevila and Wolfgang Trettnak,  SharkFin Soup

Margarita Cimadevila and Wolfgang Trettnak, SharkFin Soup

Expo 216 is a unique multi-purposed art destination in Wilmington, NC.  Expo 216 is a a top North Carolina art gallery that introduces innovative and thought provoking exhibits. 

Expo 216
216 N Front St, Wilmington, NC

A “gallerium,” Expo 216 is part gallery and part museum. Incorporating 5,000 square feet over two floors of a renovation in historic downtown, Expo 216 features thought-provoking art and fashions.  Its one-year expositions are theme-driven with the inaugural theme, Ocean Plastic, running through July 2017.  Visitors may experience CSI: Albatross (interactive crime solving), Fashion in Plastic (nine stunning fashion creations by local designers), The Plastic Age (an insightful history of plastic), What Goes Around, Comes Around (Kanagawa Waves by Bonnie Monteleone), and more.  Currently, Expo 216’s featured artists include, Ruth Ava Lyons, Cordelia Norris, Margarita Cimadevila and Wolfgang Trettnak.  In August, Expo 216 will be transitioning to its second theme - Death and Dying.