Lisa Levasseur - recycling, renewing

NY Bash , PaletteArt™ - 100% acrylic recycled paint on canvas

NY Bash, PaletteArt™ - 100% acrylic recycled paint on canvas

Lisa Levasseur utilizes what would normally be waste and transforms it into artistic creations. “PaletteArt is a new artform, it is made with 100% acrylic recycled paint sculpted into 3D one of a kind works of art on canvas” says Levasseur.

We spoke with Levasseur about her artform and how/why she paints the way she does. One of the most fascinating elements to emerge from our talks is the realization that most things can be re-purposed. There is no need to waste and trash many of the items we use every day. That is one of the reasons Levasseur paints with PaletteArt™.

“It is to try and make a difference in this world, I want people to recognize the value of all the things we consider worthless or disposable. To show that the left over dried up paint from the bottom of a can, normally tossed in the trash, could be worth thousands of dollars. So that we might start wondering, what of all the other things we throw away every day without even thinking. I want people to imagine how things can be re-purposed and find a way to create value instead of waste” states Levasseur.

Levasseur is careful to emphasize that her paintings are a combination of dry old paint from cans, drop cloth, and other places, mixed with new acrylic paint on canvas. This is how she creates and maintains her unique style. Levasseur layers wet and dry paint in a step-by-step process that takes several days to complete. She says that pre-planning and pre-designing is out of the question.

“I never design or anticipate how a painting will turn out, because it is impossible to know what will become of my work in the end. So, I have to let go of the outcome and focus on the journey, the efforts in which all of my expression is felt and my true self is free.” says Levasseur.

The unplanned nature of Levasseur’s paintings create an artistic randomness that pulls the viewer in for a closer look. The more a viewer looks at her creations the more you see.

The bright expressions, and strong colors and texture of Levasseur’s paintings evoke strength and beauty, while the knowledge that each painting is waste-free indulges a deeper meaning that forces thought on our ability to reuse and repurpose.

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