Jack Duford - playing with light and water

Fairwinds , photograph, 30” x 40”

Fairwinds, photograph, 30” x 40”

The argument can be made that water is artistic. The many different tones, shapes, and movements of water. Perhaps one of the most fascinating visual aspects of water is it’s interplay with light. With all it’s varying and ever-changing textures water plays with light in never-ending ways.

Jack Duford, a photographer from Maine focuses on the unique interplay between water and light. He uses his lens to capture the different light settings on different water setting to illuminate the perfect mood.

He uses overcast days and slack tides to create images that naturally would look back and white. Sunlight dancing on the water give his photographs movement. His favorite - fog - creates a “misty veil cast over subjects allow you to ‘be there”, says Duford.

When focusing on the interplay between water and light to create the perfect shot, patience is of utmost importance. “Sometimes sitting for hours looking out at a bay or cove, I get a better feeling of a place watching the local boat traffic and daily activity. That patience and knowledge helps me in getting the best photos in that area”, says Duford.

Coastal Maine makes it easy for a photographer to take commercial touristy photographs. However Duford prefers to discover a unique scene and capture it for others.


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