Peggy Vineyard - layering abstracts

Blocks of Truth , 2018, acrylic, 40” x 40”

Blocks of Truth, 2018, acrylic, 40” x 40”

Abstract artists utilize different methods to create lines in their works. Peggy Vineyard builds striking contrasts by placing colors and paints in many layers, creating vibrant, yet muted tones that move the viewers eyes throughout each piece.

“I usually start out with thin layers of paint then continue applying over and around my mark making lines. Most times the paint smears into the charcoal lines which make interesting blurring marks which show through, creating the backgrounds for the painting. There are many, many layers of paint and additional marks, revealing the underlying history of the painting. I leave some sharp, (active edges) and muted (passive edges), to create the most interest” says Vineyard.

Vineyard stays away from organizing her layers, opting instead to allow the organic flow of the painting process to determine the layering and final product. “There is no organized order of layers. If I think there are colors that are too vivid, I use a lot of water and a flat wide brush to push color back or to diffuse it. I obliterate parts then continue to apply more paint. It is a push and pull with more lines added and more paint until I think it might be done.”

The fluid nature of Vineyard’s creative process is visible in her finished pieces. The flowing layers and sharp contrasts adds depth to the history of the each painting.

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