Clapp, Allen

Welcome Home Mr. Spock , acrylic mixed media on canvas, 24” x 30”

Welcome Home Mr. Spock, acrylic mixed media on canvas, 24” x 30”

Musical Chairs , acrylic-mixed media, 16” x 20”

Musical Chairs, acrylic-mixed media, 16” x 20”

Floating on Cloud Nine , acrylic-mixed media on canvas, 20” x 20”

Floating on Cloud Nine, acrylic-mixed media on canvas, 20” x 20”

Phone: (919) 247-4915

I am a Professional Engineer retired from a national practice devoted to power, telephone, and CATV utilities design and work practices. Over 28,000 people attended my live seminars and others have used my DVD and online training. My artistic passion is abstract painting with acrylics.

My first exposure to art in the 1950s was years of landscape oil painting classes. Dad was a good illustrator/engineer (he designed and built high-end wood office furniture). From him, I learned drawing and illustration.

Whatever you want to say about life, passion is a great driving force. My interest in abstract art blossomed at the NCSU School of Design in 1961, when I participated in beta tests of new acrylic chemistry formulations under the tutelage of my art professor. The works of Leroy Nieman, Alexander Calder, Piet Mondrian, Franz Kline, George Bireline and Jackson Pollock greatly influenced my early acrylic paintings and glazed tile murals. I won a variety of awards at NCSU during the 1960s. My art interests took a back seat while I built my consulting engineering firm and related businesses, but they emerged again in the late 1990s—almost with a vengeance to make up for lost time. I now own the 311 Gallery in downtown Raleigh, which sponsors several national juried art shows each year.

Like many artists, I enjoy some things more than others, but I also enjoy breaking out of the mold and trying new things. I find that walking out on a limb sometimes leads to greater views from higher trees. I often learn more from a spectacular failure than from a successful piece and use that failure to build even more success. I don’t do mundane! I love color, both in-your-face color and very, very subtle color.

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