Kurtz, Lorra

Website: www.lorrakurtz.com
Email: lorrakdis@gmail.com
Phone: 404-642-4542

“I paint to learn more about myself.”

Sometimes a tragic event forces us to look in the mirror and evaluate where we are in our life.  After my father passed, I felt it was time to honor my creative feelings that I had not properly addressed.  Once I started painting, I never stopped.  The more I painted, I realized it was something I could call my own.  It became an obsession and was a great escape from the demands of daily life.

My father was an avid fan of hummingbirds and enjoyed feeding and watching them.  I started painting hummingbirds in his memory.  My hummingbird paintings have consistently resonated with collectors.  I felt that through these paintings my father was inspiring me to follow my dreams and was the genesis of my art career.

Home is where the heart lives.  I am a proud mother of teenage boys and a studio dog, Bandit.  My nests are an artistic representation of my home and my desire to create a nurturing environment for my family.  My nests also represent new beginnings, growth, freedom, courage and fertility.

Having spent several years working in the interior design business, many of my paintings are influenced by design elements such as shape, texture, color and composition. In addition, I enjoy experimenting with mediums and materials.  Some of the more unusual items I have included are lavender stems, torn bed sheets, and waxed paper.  Mixing up mixed media is a constant source of inspiration.

I am fortunate to be represented by several Southeastern galleries and have had solo shows in Georgia and Virginia.  My florals, hummingbird, nest and abstract paintings are in collections both here and abroad.

I am enjoying my artistic journey and feel fortunate that I continue to grow, explore and share through painting.

Follow Me, 2018, Collage and Mixed Media, 12” x 12”

Rise Up, 2018, Acrylic and Mixed Media, 48” x 48”

Velvet Blooms, 2018, Encaustic and Mixed Media, 24” x 20”

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