Szczesniewski, Kasia

Unknown Beyond (triptych) , 2018, paper and acrylic paints, 3 pieces of 46" x 18"

Unknown Beyond (triptych), 2018, paper and acrylic paints, 3 pieces of 46" x 18"

Dancing White and Gray , 2018, paper and acrylic paints, 48" x 36"

Dancing White and Gray, 2018, paper and acrylic paints, 48" x 36"

Streak of Gold , 2018, paper and acrylic paints, 30" x 24"

Streak of Gold, 2018, paper and acrylic paints, 30" x 24"

Kasia Szczesniewski Studied Architecture at Wroclaw University of Technology, Poland; after immigrating to USA, she continued her artistic training at the Harper Community College, IL, attended many workshops, and spent years on self-educating, and refining her skills.

Today, Kasia enjoys creating projects, which involve use of different types of paper.  She also loves to make heavy textured, acrylic paintings. Her inspiration comes from the nature's mysterious beauty, and from believing in the deep connection between all elements of the Universe. In a search for the special artistic language she discovered her own creative technique that combines versatile properties of paper and its warm energy, with the modern but cold medium - acrylic paints. Because of the use of organic forms and structures, her works seem familiar and engaging to the viewer.  Rich and dramatic textures help to create the feeling of struggle between chaos and order that we are part of. Building new compositions, step by step, inch by inch, is a form of meditation for the artist, her journey to self-discovery. Impermanence, constant change, but also, harmony and beauty, are very important aspects of her reality, and this she expresses through her art.

Nowadays, Kasia is an active member of the Chicago art community, showing and selling her works, doing commissions, and organizing art events. She received many awards (Casanova Award Venezia; Uffizi Award Firenze), exhibited in prestigious galleries like Amsterdam-Whitney in New York, Attended Art Expo Carousel du Louvre in Paris, Biennale d’Arte at “Caserma dell’Artiglieria” of Peschiera del Garda (Italy), “Sagnalati” exhibit in Berlin, Annual Exhibition of Painting at the Polish Museum of Chicago, was interviewed by Polish radio and TV stations, published in art magazines (Art &Beyond; Art International), and her art is presented on 2 pages of the book “Living Artists of Today-Contemporary Art International”.

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