Coastal Art from Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia

artGuide Magazine is excited to feature Coastal Art.  Southeastern artists and galleries, as well as mid-Atlantic artists and art galleries are featured with beautiful artworks depicting scenes of the coast.  Carolina Artist Gallery, Holly Glasscock, Jim Hallenbeck, Linda Hollett-Bazouzi, Mary Jane Huegel, Teresa Jones, Suzanne Morris at ArtSource Fine Art Gallery, New Elements Gallery, and Dillard Richardson.  Read and enjoy the art!


Norm Kenneally,  Blue Boat , 2011, photograph, 8" x 12"

Norm Kenneally, Blue Boat, 2011, photograph, 8" x 12"

1. Carolina Artist Gallery
Morehead City, NC.
800 Evans St, Morehead City, NC.

Carolina Artist Gallery celebrates summer at the coast with its annual show of gallery members’ works from July 15 to Sept. 9.  With Summertime as the theme, artists explore the beauty and wonder of surrounding wetlands, wildlife, quirky local landmarks, and people who live and play by the sea.  Visitors can expect to find ideal pieces to transport them all year long to that picture-perfect summer day.  Boats and beaches, swimmers and surfers, bright colors and the casual lifestyles are popular themes.   

The approximately 30 members range from classically trained traditionalists to the contemporary and self-taught experimenters.  The show presents paintings in oils, acrylics, pastels, watercolor, and mixed media, photography, jewelry, clay, fiber, glass, and metals.   

This year, the gallery observes its 20th anniversary of welcoming visitors from all over the country.  In addition to Carolina Artist Gallery, the non-profit organization does community outreach to encourage the awareness of art in everyday life.  It operates a hands-on clay arts program for special needs adults and other classes at Mulberry Street Studio in Beaufort, N.C.

The public is invited to a Meet the Artists Reception for the opening of Summertime on Saturday, July 23, from 5-7pm


Holly Glasscock,  Kiawah Colors , 2016, oil, 16" x 20"

Holly Glasscock, Kiawah Colors, 2016, oil, 16" x 20"

2. Holly Glasscock, artist. 
South Carolina  

Holly Glasscock is a full time artist whose predominant medium is oil.  She has an affinity for nature and paints a diverse range of subject matter including landscapes, animals and portraits.  

Living in South Carolina, Holly commonly paints the coastal and low country scenes.  She is particularly drawn to the vibrant hues often seen in the early hours at dawn or just before the sun goes down in the evening because of the strong contrasts of dark and light.  Her style is representative with a unique blend of luminous realism and impressionistic imagery.  When she notices something uniquely lit or unusually composed that most might take for granted, she is driven to express her gratitude to the Creator through painting. 

Holly studied advertising and graphic design at Winthrop University, but is largely self-taught in the fine arts.  She recognizes  the importance of continuing her artistic education and diligently works at her craft of painting by participating regularly in workshops offered by notable artists.  Holly is represented by Carlton Gallery, Blythe Gallery, and Stewart’s Village Gallery in North Carolina and is currently seeking representation in South Carolina.  


Jim Hallenbeck,  Brothers on Wrightsville Beach , 2015, oil on canvas, 16” x 20”

Jim Hallenbeck, Brothers on Wrightsville Beach, 2015, oil on canvas, 16” x 20”

3. Jim Hallenbeck, artist.  
Raleigh, NC  
H-919.787.1264, C-919.917.3394

After a successful 35 year career with IBM, Jim has dedicated himself to pursuing his lifelong dream of being an artist.  Since retiring as a VP in February 2015, he has completed over 70 oil paintings, been juried into 13 exhibitions, and won four awards.  Jim is the newest creative member of Tipping Paint Gallery.

His approach is to represent each subject realistically, while at the same time to accentuate its bright colors.  He is fascinated by the vast array of colors along the beach either evident in nature or brought by people to the shore.  His beach paintings look to capture both the stillness and 

strength of the ocean along with the many reflective colors bouncing in the seascape. His approach is one of deep introspection complete with a wide range of emotions.  In turn, he hopes to communicate something to the viewer, to trigger an emotion, or to spark a memory that resonates on a very unique personal level.


Linda Hollett-Bazouzi,  Chesapeake Bay, Gwynn’s Island II , oil on panel, 5” x 7”

Linda Hollett-Bazouzi, Chesapeake Bay, Gwynn’s Island II, oil on panel, 5” x 7”

4. Linda Hollett-Bazouzi, artist.  
Richmond, VA

When painting the waters of a coastline, it is the drama that attracts artist Linda Hollett-Bazouzi.  Whether storms or quiet sunsets, there is always something presenting itself like a good play, larger than humanity.  It is the ever-changing movement—which is only there for an instant—that she captures with knife and oils. 

Her fascination with the changes in value and color, even as she is watching the scene play out, will result in a series of images created over the span of a few minutes. Hollett-Bazouzi is especially fascinated with the changes that occurs at twilight in the sky and the water—that mint green that is lighter than the sky, that dusky turquoise in the sky on the horizon darker than the rest of the sky.  All the while reflections on the clouds are being mirrored in the water, as if the sky and water were in the midst of a call-and-response song.

She sees the movement of the water as the heartbeat of the ocean, quiet, calm, and steady, or thundering, angry, churning. Or perhaps just excited, waves responding to strong winds in an expression of sheer joy and exhilaration.


Mary Jane Huegel, 2015,  Meandering , oil on canvas, 18” x 24”

Mary Jane Huegel, 2015, Meandering, oil on canvas, 18” x 24”

5. Mary Jane Huegel, artist.  
Marietta, GA
Facebook: Mary Jane Huegel Fine Art

It is from many childhood memories of Amelia Island, FL, and the marshlands of South Georgia that Mary Jane Huegel draws much of her coastal inspiration.  She spent her summers on the beach and her winters in the mountains of Eastern Kentucky.  The vivid memories and impressions of these special landscapes give her inspiration for her peaceful and colorful artistic expressions. It is her hope to reveal how creation spoke to her heart; and for the viewer to feel this inspiration though her lovely paintings.  She works with lots of paint and other mediums to expression this emotion.  

For the last 15 years, she has taken classes from various world-renowned art instructors.  Each teacher taught her invaluable principles in art.  She now teaches art classes and workshops to other students and instills what has so graciously already been given to her.  She is taking a group of artist this September to paint the coast of Maine. 

Mary Jane’s artworks have most recently been purchased by Tyler Perry Studios.  She continues to be chosen for the Scottsdale Artists’ School Juried Art show “Best and Brightest”.  She is represented by Frameworks Art Gallery and Red Door Art Gallery and Studio in Marietta, GA.  


Teresa Jones,  Tranquility II

Teresa Jones, Tranquility II

6. Teresa Jones, artist.  
Charleston, SC

As a South Carolina native for Teresa Jones the coastal culture and landscapes became her spark and enthused her art. The historic cities, natural beauty, and cultural heritage daily inspire her paintings. Her incomparable love for the coast and innate painting skills became a perfect match. Oil is her medium of choice and she offers the viewer a private window to the coastal landscapes and scenery familiar to both South Carolinians and visitors alike.  She has studied with many local and nationally known artists in formal classes, as well as workshops.

Her lifelong desire to paint became reality after moving to Charleston in 2004 and has been commissioned to paint many Charleston historic homes and landscapes.  Her enchanting and realistic style has appealed to many who have desired to bring the Lowcountry into the walls of their home.

Jones is an award-winning member of The Charleston Artist Guild and participates in their annual shows and exhibits.  Her original art, as well as commissioned work is in private collections across the nation. She is also represented by Spencer Gallery I, 55 Broad Street and The Charleston Artist Guild Gallery, 160 East Bay Street, Charleston,SC.  Visit her web site to view additional works.


Suzanne Morris,  Blue Thursday , oil on canvas, 11” x 14”

Suzanne Morris, Blue Thursday, oil on canvas, 11” x 14”

7. Suzanne Morris, artist.  
Raleigh, NC
ArtSource Fine Art Gallery & Framing  
4421-123 Six Forks Road, Raleigh, NC

Virginia native Suzanne Morris was always drawn to the outdoors and nature.  She creates a portrait of a place and moment in time by finely tuning a balance of technique and style.  By using “alla prima”, Suzanne paints “at one sitting”.  “This technique has opened up a whole new expression of my work, by allowing me to produce fresher, brighter, more vivid colors.”

Suzanne has been able to masterfully incorporate her methods into her plein air work.  “I try to paint plein-air as often as possible.  Painting plein-air not only allows me to combine two pleasures, it also allows me to measure my subject directly for color and value.”

On light - “It is the effect light has on my subject that draws me to it - the cool morning light on the water or sand, the colors deep in the long shadows of late afternoon, or the way reddish light at sunset warms everything it touches.  Any one of these effects can transform an ordinary scene into an extraordinary one.”

Suzanne is predominately self-taught, although she has studied with some of the best plein-air painters in the country.  Her influences are Van Gogh, John Singer Sergeant, Emile Gruppe, and the California Impressionists.


Catherine Lea,  Crab Catch , acrylic, 23” x 29”

Catherine Lea, Crab Catch, acrylic, 23” x 29”

8. New Elements Gallery
Wilmington, NC
201 Princess St., Wilmington, NC

Wilmington, North Carolina offers a unique geographic diversity that inspires many artists, drawing them to the area.  Most of the art New Elements Gallery exhibits is bright and has a coastal influence, but here are several artists that are heavily influenced by the flora and fauna of this area.

Owen Wexler is a painter of light and a seasoned local artist.  Working mostly in acrylic his subjects are often the area’s largest botanical garden Airlie Gardens, the riverfront, as well as the historic district downtown.  

Growing up as an aerialist in the circus as a child, Fritzi Huber was very well traveled. Climbing the ladder to the high wire in the dark she looked down at the other performers in the big top.  Her art is an aerial view hung on the wall; a painting created with handmade paper, found objects, and paint.  Most of her pieces are inspired by the bounty the tide brings from the deep to the beach.

Catherine Lea is inspired by not only the ocean and its inhabitants, but also farm life.  Catherine is an accomplished acrylic artist that loves to paint rural scenes of the sweet goats and chickens on her friend’s farm, beautiful still lifes of marine animals, and also landscapes of Bald Head Island and the Wilmington shore.


Dillard Richardson,  New Morning, Ocean Isle Beach , 2016, acrylic on canvas, 20” x 16”

Dillard Richardson, New Morning, Ocean Isle Beach, 2016, acrylic on canvas, 20” x 16”

9. Dillard Richardson, artist.  
Charlotte, NC

Dillard Richardson trained at the University of North Carolina, Greensboro, and later at the University Of The Arts, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where he received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio Painting.  His work is in numerous private and corporate collections and has been seen in several juried exhibitions, including the North Carolina Artists Exhibition.
His painting includes landscape, portraiture, and interiors of cafes and venues depicting live music.  He is himself an experienced musician.

He is influenced by primarily realist painting, especially Impressionism and the works of Claude Monet, and the Barbizon School of painting.  His style has developed from years of studio painting and plein-air sketching into an improvised, modernist expression of imagery charged with atmospheric times of day.

Dillard is a longtime resident of Charlotte, North Carolina and makes his home here with his wife and two children.  When not painting or spending time with his family, he is a wine consultant at Bond Street Wines in Charlotte, and holds the Advanced Level 3 WSET Wine Certification from Johnson and Wales University.

“I hope to convey in my work a sense of peacefulness and gratitude for life.”  Currently seeking gallery representation.