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Elizabeth Matheson,  Valdadero Beach, Cuba , photograph

Elizabeth Matheson, Valdadero Beach, Cuba, photograph

artGuide Magazine is excited to present our readers with a tantalizing exhibit of photographs from modern day Cuba.  Durham art gallery Craven Allen Gallery presents this fine art exhibit for the month of October.


Craven Allen Gallery in Durham features rotating exhibitions as well as a selection of artworks by local artists working in a variety of media including photography,  painting, sculpture, ceramics, and prints.  The gallery began as a labor of love as part of the picture framing business House of Frames, in 1968.  

Some of the nationally known artists represented include Damian Stamer, whose evocative landscapes are currently featured in Altered Land at the NC Museum of Art; the photographer and architect Phil Freelon; and Beverly McIver, subject of the HBO Documentary Raising Renee. 

McIver is widely acknowledged as a significant presence in contemporary American art and has charted a new direction as an African American woman artist; she was named as one of the “Top Ten in Painting” in Art in America.  Opening on October 1st is Cuba Now, photography by Elizabeth Matheson, recipient of the North Carolina Award for Excellence in the Arts—the state’s highest civilian honor.  Matheson’s enigmatic new photographs explore the country she finds  “...deeply and soulfully beautiful, filled with both melancholy and irrepressible delight.”  Gallery favorite Sue Sneddon follows in November with Life Size, featuring paintings of the NC coast.

Craven Allen Gallery, gallery.
Durham, NC
1106 ½ Broad St, Durham, NC


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