Charleston artist Deborah Sisco showcases new art work

Charleston artist Deborah Sisco introduces new artwork in her new series The Lonely Planet.  Her work can be viewed at the Charleston Artist Guild Gallery.  artGuide Magazine is excited to discuss Sisco's journey in art and her new artwork.


Deborah was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio and migrated to Charleston, SC as a young adult where she attended the College of Charleston and developed her passion for art.  Her work is influenced by the pioneers of the modern art movement of the nineteenth century and by today’s’ Pop music. She approaches each new work with a vision of color that is intended to produce a poetic relationship to both the compositions and music that inspired each new work.  According to Deborah, it is first and foremost about the color, it needs to be visually pleasing, disturbing, happy or peaceful, but it should not leave you empty. 

“I continually push myself outside of my comfort zone into new and unfamiliar areas.  The art I create today will continue to evolve and will not be the same art I create tomorrow, next week or next year. My desire is to leave the viewer with a sense of feeling of some sort.  Not necessarily the feelings that I experienced on the day(s) that I drew or painted my subject, after all it would be impossible for the viewer to ever have those same emotions or be in the same place I was on those days. My goal is for them to experience their own emotions from the work that I have created.  I believe art is a compilation of our conscience and unconscious mind. It is what we experience in our everyday lives and what we dream of at night.  It is how we touch reality and how we lose ourselves to our imaginations. Sometimes I see art in a face, or the sky or in a cloud.  Sometimes I see a group of shapes, colors or buildings, and sometimes I dream.”

Deborah’s work has been recognized nationally and is displayed in private collections and Commercial Establishments across the United States and globally.