Eggestentialism 3.0 at 311 Gallery, a Raleigh art gallery

311 Gallery, a Raleigh art gallery showcases a wonderful art exhibit merging artwork with urban farming.  artGuide Magazine is excited to present readers this amazing Raleigh art exhibit.


Eggistentialism 3.0
Kicks off Tour D’ Coupe

Urban farming is becoming a way of life in many of America’s largest cities as municipalities are repealing laws that ban raising chickens within city limits. Backyard henhouses have become so popular that the chicken has become the mascot of the Local Food movement.  

There are many personally rewarding benefits, in addition to the environmental ones, that come from raising chickens. Creating a bit of country provides a refuge from the hectic pace of city life and gives children the opportunity to learn responsibility, and to develop a connection with animals they may not get living in the city. But the best part for many is collecting warm eggs in the morning.  

Urban farming and raising chickens are bringing communities together in unique ways. Since 2005, Raleigh has enjoyed the Henside the Beltline Tour D’Coop, a garden tour that encompasses 20 coops. Coop owners are eager to share the ins and outs of keeping chickens in the city. Bring your camera and get inspired!    
The event has a dual purpose: to promote backyard poultry and urban farming and to raise money to support Urban Ministries of Wake County which provides vital services to more than 20,000 people, working to alleviate the effects of poverty in Wake County.  311 Gallery has joined in the fun with a juried show, Eggistentialism. For the third year,

311 Gallery is hosting this innovative show that reflects the joy and beauty of chickens and eggs, the gardens they live in, and urban farming.   

The fun kicks off on First Friday, May 6th at 311 Gallery and culminates June 4th with the 2016 Tour D’Coop in downtown Raleigh.

311 Gallery
311 W. Martin St. Raleigh, NC
(919) 436-6987
Wed-Sat 11:30-4pm