Ford Smith of Ford Smith Fine Art in Roswell Georgia

Ford Smith,  Season Pass , 48" x 36"

Ford Smith, Season Pass, 48" x 36"

Ford Smith Fine Art of Roswell Georgia showcases original art from Georgia artist, Ford Smith.  artGuide Magazine is excited to present readers an in-depth look at Ford Smith's art and his creative process.


For more than a dozen years, world-class and critically-acclaimed landscape artist, Ford Smith, continues to be both an innovator and institution for the Atlanta art scene.  Represented by fine art galleries from New York to Beijing, this artist-owned namesake gallery in Ford’s hometown of Roswell, Georgia features new original paintings directly from his studio, alongside premier hand-painted editions.  

Ford lives and paints in his home studio located just a few miles away.  The gallery is operated by Ford’s wife, Cristi, a veteran retail marketing professional who also writes for major art industry publications.  

Ford Smith is widely recognized for re-
inventing the modern landscape.  His sense of nature is not a Romantic’s wild and angry universe. To the contrary, his paintings reflect a palpable optimism and vibrant confidence. The easy precision, subtlety and repose of his paintings are likely derived from an Asian aesthetic learned from an elderly Japanese master in Ford’s early years while his military family was stationed overseas.

Ford Smith,  Transcendent Storm,  36" x 36"

Ford Smith, Transcendent Storm, 36" x 36"

Fantastical trees, light, and fractured reflections are classic Ford Smith, however, his talent and imagination often take him in new directions with subject matter, technique, and palette.  In his own Roswell gallery you’ll find them all.  From trademark mosaic landscapes to seascapes, Bloomscapes, Human Nature, Splash, Monochromes, and introducing his new and transformative Iridescent Series--paintings that visually transform with varying viewing angles.    

“This is our 4th Ford Smith Gallery.  We love having this stage for Ford’s work--particularly in our hometown,” Cristi says, “With more than 1500 square feet of exhibit space, we can showcase the breadth of his talent, and Ford feels the freedom to explore artistically.  He likes to try different techniques and discover new ways of interpreting nature.”  

Ford Smith Fine Art visitors receive a personal, in-depth experience of Ford’s artistic genius and feel the untethered nature of the art that comes with having this dedicated exhibit.