FRANK Gallery, a Chapel Hill art gallery presents 3 amazing art exhibits

Lolette Guthrie, The Color of Summer

FRANK Gallery, a Chapel Hill art gallery presents 3 exhibits for the month of July.  These amazing North Carolina art exhibits ends on August 7th.  Be sure to check them out!

July Exhibitions at FRANK Gallery
July 5 – August 7, 2016

Some FRANK favorites, and some new friends join us this July for our most exciting summer yet. FRANK is excited to feature artists Sandy Milroy and Lolette Guthrie for our featured exhibition, Abstract Territory.  We will also be presenting six new-to-FRANK artists for our Summer Invitational.

Summer Invitational.  Wonderful, established, local artists in their FRANK debut! We are pleased to present six carefully selected local artists who are being featured for their first exhibition at FRANK Gallery. Painters Janet Cooling, Drew Deane, Laura Hughes, mixed media artist Jenny Eggleston, fiber artist Mary Kircher, and photographer Jim Lee will be presenting small bodies of work in our first ever Summer Invitational. This group represents a wide range of styles and media, each bringing to FRANK a fresh voice and new point of view.

Drew Deane,  66 Bowl, Oklahoma City, OK

Drew Deane, 66 Bowl, Oklahoma City, OK

Abstract Territory.  Lolette Guthrie and Sandy Milroy will be joining together for a stunning exhibition of abstract pieces that all carry a suggestion of nature and views of the earth. Guthrie draws from memory and experience in creating her work, striving to capture the ephemeral nature of light and atmosphere.  This series is a reflection of her time on Ocracoke, NC based on the geometry of the island.  Milroy begins with the materials and builds a composition with the design elements of primarily geometric rectangles, squares, and stripes of various visual weights, going for an overall asymmetrical balance. 

Creative Recovery.  The Michael and Laura Brader-Araje Community Outreach Gallery presents Creative Recovery, an exhibition of work by Grayson Bowen. Bowen is a mixed media expressionistic artist, focusing on color, contrast, and delicate line work. His artwork comes from a desire to approach expressionism from a standpoint of “creative recovery.” 

Bowen is the coordinator of the Brushes with Life Arts Program, with the Center for Excellence in Community Mental Health.

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